Office Building and Parking Garage
Oakland, PA

Schenley Place, L.P.



The Elmhurst Group recognized the need for additional office space within the heart of the Oakland community. Based close to the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, The Elmhurst Group made a decision to develop a property located adjacent to the First Baptist Church on Ruskin Avenue.

Although the project was originally scheduled to be larger, The Elmhurst Group finalized a project scope which included a 7-story building encompassing approximately 106,000 square feet of rentable area. To match the office needs, it became necessary to construct a 100 car below grade parking garage which is situated immediately beneath the superstructure.

Burchick Construction’s involvement with the project began as far back as 2007 and continued through inception and construction. Through a combination of competitive bidding, multiple estimates, value engineering, negotiations, and creative funding, The Elmhurst Group brought this project to fruition in the Summer of 2013. Burchick Construction began the project officially in October 2013 and worked diligently until final completion in February 2016. The project was performed utilizing a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract.

Although the building was started without any tenants, by late Summer 2016 approximately 60% of the available square footage has been leased. Other tenants remain in waiting as The Elmhurst Group continues their negotiations for the remaining space.. This building has become an asset to the Oakland community, both architecturally and functionally, and currently houses important tenants such as The University of Pittsburgh and a National High Technology Firm, a subsidiary of Facebook.

By working in close coordination with The Elmhurst Group, Burchick Construction was able to complete the Schenley Place project at the highest quality level of construction while maintaining budget and schedule requirements. The Elmhurst Group has noted that Schenley Place will become a destination in the Oakland area for both institutional and high technology tenants. The construction of Schenley Place and its accompanying Parking Garage will allow this facility to house high quality tenants while providing a great atmosphere and work environment.